Our Team

Irving Langer Founder and CEO

Behind every great team stands a great leader

Our asset management team is fortunate to work under the guidance of Irving Langer, real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Irving Langer, founder and CEO of Noteworthy Asset Management, is the successful CEO of E&M Associates, a traditional real-estate investment firm. He first discovered his acumen for identifying and purchasing investment properties as an employee at Public Realty in Brooklyn. At Public Realty, Mr. Langer focused on multi-family residential properties and he quickly learned the art of savvy investing.

After establishing E&M in 1971, Mr. Langer’s exceptional management abilities coupled with his consistent record of generating significant returns on his properties attracted the attention of several large financial institutions, establishment leaders of the New York real estate community, and city agency officials. Through these relationships, Mr. Langer’s opportunities for major growth in the real estate market continued to expand until he had accumulated a considerable portfolio of properties nationwide. Currently the portfolio spans over 10,000 units. Mr. Langer holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Long Island University, and a State certification in guidance counseling.

Along with his significant success in the real estate industry, Mr. Langer has never forgotten his commitment to social advancement. Through his private foundation, The Irving Langer Charitable Trust, Mr. Langer devotes time and financial resources to numerous educational institutions and social service organizations. Mr. Langer currently chairs the executive board of several notable nonprofit organizations, including Ohel Family Services and Mesivta Tiferes Yisroel, and has received national recognition for his philanthropic activities.

Michael Goldstein COO

As COO, Michael assumes overall supervisory responsibility for all corporate operations. He works in collaboration with the management team to consistently achieve and surpass our objectives. Michael’s two decades of asset acquisition experience has brought Noteworthy Asset Management an invaluable benefit; excellent contacts and trusted relationships with key players in the secondary market institutions.

Takes pride in: Social Responsibility. Michael’s primary goal is avoiding foreclosures and working to keep people in their homes.

Ricky Klein VP of Operations

With 23 years of administrative experience behind her, Ricky is the control panel for Noteworthy’s daily operations. She trains and supervises the office staff, and maintains all aspects of client portfolios, including expenditures, income and acquisition procedures. She ensures that assets move efficiently through the multi-step processes, and implements systems to advance communication. Ricky also provides investors with detailed and accurate status updates.

Takes pride in: Efficiency. Ricky moves so fast, even her directors can’t always keep up with her.

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