Core Values


Like all investments, we encourage you to leap with your eyes wide open.

We meet with you, answer every one of your questions and explain the process in detail. We provide relevant documents relating to the deal.


Results matter, but so do the means.

Profiting from another’s misfortune is never our first choice. We work hard to keep homeowners in their homes if that’s what they want. Dedicated team members maintain an open line of communication with distressed borrowers to try and work out a solution. Since we purchase the notes at a deep discount, investors do well either way.


Please drop by; our office is a pleasant place to be.

From leadership to maintenance, there’s the feeling that we’re all in this together. Our investors become family and we share in each other’s successes.

At the end of 2017, we all celebrated tens of millions of dollars earned. Our goal for 2018: Grow every portfolio; purchase $100 million in notes!

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