Are your retirement plans stunted by current low-interest rates?

  • Embrace new opportunities.

  • Secure your family’s future.

  • Invest in notes with backbone.

A high-performing alternative to traditional real-estate investment

Noteworthy Asset Management offers keen investors an easy way to acquire, manage, and liquidate non-performing real-estate notes. Simply put, we do all the work for you. Our team has a combined 93 years of asset management experience, so we’re well positioned to thoroughly analyze each offer before we present it to you.

We’ve developed our own algorithm to forecast the probable outcome of each potential venture, considering pricing, location, and other cariables. To reduce risk, we purchase only first position real estate notes and ascertain that your capital is covered amply by the property’s equity. To date, we never lost any principal; it’s a record we take pride in.

Should we contact you
when a good offer comes up?

Investment Opportunity

A better way to build wealth

With interest rates still hovering at historic lows, investors like you are discovering new ways to meet their

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Investment Selection

Sourcing choice notes

We analyze non-performing notes from asset management firms, hedge funds, private equity companies, and

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Investment Strategy

Sharing opportunities

Once we’ve determined that a note is promising, we present the offer to our interested investors. We meet

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Average investment matures in one year and earns a double-digit return

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